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There's a new recruit in the barracks! Bach and his crony, with camera in tow, are set on training him the way things are done in the 3rd…

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Discover this full-length film depicting some of the hottest corners of Manhattan! Studs are going to put their cocks in these glory holes…

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Suivez un porc dans ses plans Q bien crades: Vous y découvrirez une pipe au cuir, des chaînes, du cuir et du foutre, ainsi qu'une…

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A leather clad dude leads a slut to a glory hole by a leash. There he tells him to start sucking. 1 stud and a pair of well hung bucks go…

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A young worker brings a cop back to his workshop. The cop is going to gobble his cock through an improvised Glory Hole. Excited by a man in…

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Après une longue nuit dans les clubs de Chueca, le plus célèbre quartier gay de Madrid, nos chiens de la rue, très excités, rentrent…

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If you're into macho, tattooed and pierced studs, this vid is 4 U! 2 bikers, 100% American beef, suck each other off, dump beer on each…

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Early in the morning, a trio of recruits wake up with morning would and it would be a shame to let all that hard cock go to waste! The 3…

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Joey Angel est pur bogosse musclé tatoué et très viril qui fait tomber tout les mecs à ses pieds ! Dans ce film il se tape trois mecs…

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After some intense cock sucking, our compadres go on to bigger and better things, starting with a 3-way 69! As rare as it is, you're…

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