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2 vids for the price of 1! After getting a call from Gwen, Marco has a sudden urge to lambast some slut's ass! Overexcited, he asks for some fist to dilate his ass up right! Marco's pal volunteers and starts fisting away! Soon there's a double ejaculation! The next day, Marco wants to have some more fun and gets a hold of a pal to fuck inside out! They blow…

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After tying him up, I give Yoan a little spanking and he's already hard! Then I trample him and kick him in the crotch. I put him into…

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To make progress in the domain of trampling endurance nothing is better than strapping him down on the floor in the form of a cross... It's…

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It ain't easy living on a farm. Today when I was down in the barn, Med and Jérémyh showed up. They made me get on my knees and suck! They…

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Discover this amazing orgy! In a place the locals call "The Dungeon", 10 hard & huge cocked guys between 23 & 50 are going to fuck like…

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Marco is a hottie and he doesn't have any limits when it comes to emptying his testicles. In a run-down and abandoned factory, he captures…

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When you're in the Navy, sometimes it's hard to have sex. Luckily the other sailors are there to help you get satisfied. Find these hard…

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Tyzer is erect like a bull! One's thing for sure, I'm gonna get it! To put the pressure on, he starts playing with my balls and that really…

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It seems that a sergeant forced a new recruit to suck him off. To be clear in his own mind, their captain decides to find out if their both…

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Going over to Adams, Sahaj spots a hottie in his bathroom only wearing a towel. It's too tempting for this tattooed stud who's hungry for cock and he's going to get nearly a foot of it! In the living room, a muscled dude called Army jumps in and he's even better equipped than Adem to light this bitch up. He's going to slip deep, deep inside that cap wearing…

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Christian, a 40 year old bitch, has just found himself a diamond in the rough: a very well hung Tunisian! Once his date shows up, he gets…

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You surely haven't forgotten Rémi and Christophe, your favorite actors. These 2 French hotties with their angle faces are going to get you…

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"My new man is a bitch! Every time I see him, I take it up to a new level. The trashier, the better. Today, I've got a new game. After…

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Josh and Lee are having a couple of beers on their own at the bar. They are both pierced an tattooed all over and they haven't been able to…

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